Shiremanstown, established in 1874, will be celebrating 150 years in 2024!

The long tongue twister word for this celebration is Sesquicentennial.
We’ve been practicing saying that 5 times fast!

To be included in this historic event, please contact the Borough Secretary at 717-761-4169 or [email protected].
If you have a loved one or are aware of a citizen who served or continues to serve and Shiremanstown raised, this is a chance to allow the town to recognize their service as well.

To provide Shiremanstown a top-notch celebration, one that pulls the past and present together, the Shiremanstown Historical Society (SHS) and the Sesquicentennial Planning Committee (SPC) are beginning their fundraising efforts.

To look at the history of Shiremanstown, we must recognize the businesses that made an impact. Many of our residents worked in or supported these businesses, creating lives and memories they cherish.

The aromas they created lingered in the air, which even today, residents can recall. Maggie Stiefvaster once said “Scent is the strongest tie to memory.”

To honor these past businesses, revive memories, and step into the present, we are creating a series of candles: The Scents of Shiremanstown.

The first candle in the series is inspired by and dedicated to The Quaker Oats Company. Opening the factory doors in 1954, more than 200 products were assembled and reshipped to the entire eastern portion of the United States. Products included Cap’n Crunch’s Regular and Vanilly Crunch cereal, Flako baking mixes, and old fashioned Quaker Oats.*

This selection of candles, Vanilla Cinnamon, Apple Brown Sugar, and Maple Sticky Bun are a nod to the sweet warm smells that filled the streets of our town.

Candles are $15- Cash Only

If you are interested in purchasing a candle, email [email protected] and we’ll get it to you!

*Shiremanstown Centennial Booklet