If you have taken a walk down Main Street recently, you may have noticed that our Fire Company has a new look along the west side of the building.  The Fire Company had given the Mayor permission to landscape the area.  She had donated roses, hydrangeas and small shrubs for its beautification.  Mayor Dailey and her husband Ed had also purchased mulch to keep the moisture around the new plantings to help them survive.  They were able to plant the small shrubs, but found the task somewhat physically daunting.

Along come the heroes: Dave Dyson of the Bible Baptist Church had approached Mayor Dailey and asked if there was anything the Church could do to assist our Community.  What a perfect match since Mayor Dailey and her husband were unable to physically partake in the planting of the shrubs and in particular the removal of the grass along the building.  Dave and Jill Dyson, along with their team, cleared the grass and planted the shrubs.  It was amazing how quickly they worked in unison to accomplish the task.  It took approximately an hour and a half on October 8 to turn a blank brick wall into a work of beauty.  While we were working, our mail carrier walked by and admired the transformation.

The Borough of Shiremanstown would like to thank the Bible Baptist Church for their time and expertise in transforming the side of our Firehouse.  We appreciate their dedication to our small community.  Our thanks go out to Dave and Jill Dyson, along with Pastor Bryan Sanders, Mike Feehan, Linda Lehigh and Scott, Lauralie & Tyler Brock.

The Bible Baptist Church would like to extend their assistance to others in our Community who might need their help.  Please contact the church office at (717) 763-6040.