The Shiremanstown Historical Society wishes you the best throughout the upcoming New Year! 

Our borough is home to many of you whom are watching subtle changes take place to benefit all who reside here in Shiremanstown.

Our newest endeavor is to light up Shiremanstown with Christmas lighting as was displayed this season. We were unable to have the wreaths lit due to PPL scheduling, but they will be lit for 2017.

We wish to add additional lights in 2017 but we need your help. With your donations we can accomplish this. This is a fairly expensive endeavor.  The cost of one wreath light is as follows:

LED Lighted Wreath

$ 396.00

PPL  Electric box

$ 355.00 per pole


$ 100.00 an hour

(approximately 2 an hour)


Donations can be made online through

Pay Pal on our website:


Please make checks payable to:


Mail to:


C/o Lucy Getz

21 East Main Street

Shiremanstown, PA 17011

On behalf of Shiremanstown Historical Society we wish to thank you in advance for your time and donations in keeping our community a great place to live. 

Shiremanstown Historical Society is a non -profit organization 501 (c) 3 Pennsylvania Corporation